Lone Star Resin Systems Inc. offer a wide range of services to meet your project and maintenance requirements safely, on schedule and with the highest quality.

  • Concrete Repair, Restoration and Protection
    Concrete Repair
    Epoxy or Urethane Crack Injection
    Environmental Coatings
    Institutional Floor Coatings
    Shop Floor Coatings
    Secondary Containment Linings
  • Carbon Fiber Strengthening
    Carbon Fiber Wrap
    E-Glass Fiber Wrap
    Aramid Fiber Wrap
  • Precast Polymer Products
    Polymer Concrete Trenches and Sumps
    Polymer Concrete Pump Foundations
    Custom Casting
  • Marine / Deck Floor Systems
    Non-Slip Deck Coating
    “Cleanable Floor Coating”
    “Head” Flooring

      Anatomy of Surface Repairs

A. Deteriorated Surfaces: 
1. Delamination
2. Contaminated Concrete with Chlorides
3. Spall Areas
4. Heavily Corroded Reinforcing Bars
5. Cracks

B. Surface Preparation Concrete/Steel:
1. Edge Conditioning
2. Removal of Contaminated Concrete
3. Undercutting of Exposed Reinforcing Steel
4. Concrete Surface Conditioning
5. Reinforcing Steel Cleaning


 C. Repair System:
1. Bonding New to Old
2. Durable Repair Materials
or Carbonation

D. Methods Used For Repairs:
1. Dry Pack
2. Form and Cast-in-place
3. Full Depth Repair
4. Form and Pump
5. Shotcrete Dry Method
6. Shotcrete Wet Method
7. Hand-Applied
8. Overlays and Horizontal Techniques